After an extended hiatus, I figured it’s time to do some releases. First up is the old workhorse, tapestry-security. The 0.7.0 release represents a true community effort, my job was mainly to merge pull requests from multiple authors. Thank you @jochenberger, @fkretzer, @pedrocborges2, @ascandroli, @bobharner! We are all updated to use the latest Shiro and Tapestry 5.4, with a host of important fixes and even a few new new features. To highlight one of them, see #40 add facility to remove/add/update security chains at runtime, from @jochenberger. Note that there was one breaking change made as part of this issue - The contribution to SecurityConfiguration was changed to OrderedConfiguration, so you need to name all your contributions, see examples in the tapestry-security documentation. Thanks to all and enjoy!

See release notes at Github

Kalle Korhonen